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Monday, November 22, 2010

Well hey there y'all!

        So this week went by really fast for me cause my week went as follows:

Monday: P-day till 5:30, Dinner, Teaching, plan, sleep.

Tuesday: Zone Huddle, Exchange with Elder Sudbury for the rest of the day and until 4pm then next day. (an Exchange is when you go to another missionaries area or they come to your area and you work with them for a day)

Wednesday Get home at 4pm and tract, Dinner, a member came out with each of us to teach. plan, sleep

Thursday: weekly planning until 12:30 then i went on another Exchange with Elder Lolesio till 2 pm the next day.

Friday: get home at 2 pm and go teach a lesson, then go eat dinner,  then go and teach back to back lessons to 2 different Baptismal dates,  Go out to Venus Texas and  teach an over age Child, get back plan, Sleep.

Saturday:  Have a BAPTISM at noon, then an interview for another date at 1:30, eat lunch, go tract, teach another lesson,  dinner with some members, Went and visited some LA's and had a grand ole time, Plan , Sleep

Sunday go to our first meeting block of church, then drive to Ft worth to hear Elder D. Todd Christopherson talk to the whole mission,  Get back eat dinner,  Go have FHE with a Baptismal date and her family.  

So as you can see a pretty busy week i had a good time this week we also had a guy who has been coming to church for 7 years come up and tell us he wants to get baptized this weekend.  its insane how the lord blesses you.  Elder Christopherson's talk was really good he told that we are here cause the lord put us here.  Also he took questions from us.  He is a really good speaker and he is and apostle so it was pretty cool.  The work here is moving forward and i love it here in Texas even tho i have been thrown around a little bit.  Well y'all are awesome keep being you!

Love y'all
Elder Walker


Monday, November 15, 2010

Mansfield TX!!

      Well this week was a good one.  I transferred all safe and sound and am liking my new place.  So in Mansfield i cover two wards and there is actually some work going on here!!!  Its awesome!  So we have two dates one for this Saturday with a girl named Paisley.  She is pretty cool and is excited to get baptized.  She is 17 and has a desire to have the gospel in her life.  The other Date is with a girl named Serenity.  Her mom is a LA and she is coming back to church and wants her 12 yr old daughter to get baptized so her date is for the 27th of November.  So its exciting to have work going on.  We have a few more potentials for baptism and there names are Mickey Buck and his brother Arthur,  a kid named Jaylen, i like Jaylen  he is a really cool black kid who has a lot of friends in the ward ,his mom is the only thing holding him back from the truth.  There are some more part member families and people who like the missionaries and this ward gives us referrals so we have a lot more potential here.  Nothing to exciting has happened this week tho as far as other stuff.  There are a lot of people here who went to BYU-I tho so they know about Rexburg which is pretty cool.  Well y'all thats all i have for this week so bye!

Love y'all
Elder Walker


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Transferred again!

Hey Y'all!

    Well this Transfer came and went already.  So on saturday i found out i was leaving again to another area with another companion.  My comps name is Elder Walgamont.  Elder Johnson served with him at the beginning of his mission and he is from Boise.  I am going to the Mansfield 1 and 2 wards.  My new address is:  2512 woodbridge tr.-  Mansfield Tx -76063.  This week wa an okay week we didnt have many exchanges so we didnt have a ton of lessons.  The daylight savings time switch was awesome tho i was really glad when i woke up at 7:30 on elder Johnson's alarm clock.  Because it was actually 6:30!!!   That hour of sleep was awesome.  Also we had stake Conference this week and it was a good one our Stake Pres is a convert and he has an awesome testimony and it was a really good conference.  Today we get to play some football with another Zone!  I'm really excited.  I havent played that much football out here.  I really miss the pads and just being able to throw your self at someone.  I really am gonna miss this place and all the people i have met here i will probably come back to this area after my mission sometime.  Well thats about all i gotta say this week.  Sorry its so short i'll tell ya all about my new place next week. 

Love all y'all

Elder Walker!


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

November 1 2010

Hey everyone     

Well this week was pretty good we had a lot of fun with the Zone and with the Ward.  Thursday we had a Zone Huddle and i got to see Elder Spear who is like my favorite Companion ever.  I love that kid.  Friday the Ward had its first ward party in like 2 years that was just for our ward and there were non-members there so it was good and then on saturday, cause you know the whole keep the sabath day holy thing, we had a tri ward trunk or treat and we had like7-8 non-members to that one and best of all one of the ladies who came to it has a great need for the Gospel in her life.  Her name is Adrianna and she is a 40 year old mom with 4 kids all under the age of 12.  She lost her husband about 2 years ago and she has a 1and a half year old baby from him.  She found out like a month after he died that she wa prego.  She is awesome tho and will get baptized.  I dont know if she will get baptized while i am here or not but i hope so cause transfersw are in a week and a half and if tradition stays then i wont be staying but thats okay as long as she gets Baptized!  Anyways that was basically my week i love being a missionary!!

Love y'all
Elder Walker


Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Well texas is great and i can send more than one emial now so write me some letters!!!!

Its coolin down over here as well and t feels good i mena this weekend was really wet we got soaked on Saturday.  Me and Elder Johnson are havin a really fun time here in Fossil Ridge. Hey you guys well i'm runnin low on time but i love ya!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hello My Family!

Well howdy y'all!

      This week was a good one we got a lot of work done and we had a lot of fun doin it.  Saturday we went and did service and moved like a whole tree it was pretty awesome.  Also i think i attached the video to my e-mail so i have proof that it really did happen and i can do it again!  Something cool that happened thi sunday is that at church there was a girl who i tracted into who came to church with one of her member friends.  Like i talked to her about 5 weeks ago and she said she was going to go to church and the reason it is so cool is that she actually did come!!  Her name is Samantha and she is a little different but she seemed really smart and like she wanted to learn.  So good things are happening in a Fossil Ridge.  As a Zone we get up almost every morning and go and play ball as a Zone so i am getting a liitle bit back i am also working on getting the ball down with two hands and just slammin it home.  Also this past week we made some pretty good ice cream i do say so myself they were Strawberry-Peach, and custard and triple chocolate chunk, and we tried cookie dough but it didnt work too well.  I love making ice cream now its soooooo good.  Other than that not much has happened this week.  

BRETT, i got your letter and i'm writting you back right now so yeah and there is the video for ya!  JEREMY, The zone conference was strange simply for the fact that he told us we could be perfect and he kinda confused a couple of us with other things that he said i was confused so thats why it was weird.  MISTY, hey sis your idea for conference was brilliant i think.  You r kids seemed to get something out of it if they wrote something that they all talked about.  Why does school stress you out??  Your not even in school? Ha hope you have fun at jakes B-day party tell them all i say hello!  love ya sis!  MIKE,  I know man i love it when people you teach get baptized, it means more, to me anyways.  Well mikey I thinkn you'll like the video cause i like it a lot!  MOM& DAD  Love you two Keep being awesome!!!!!!!
Love Y'all


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lovin Life!

Hey Y'all!!
       Well this week has been a real good one!  Last Monday/uesday we set a Baptismal Date for Halloween with an investigator named Matt Gutierrez he is really solid and is engaged to a member and is basically super solid.  Also the other reason i am so happy is that i just got a letter from some Recent Converts, the Ayers i baptized them in killeen about 9 months ago.  When i was there the mom and daughter got baptized and in the letter they told me that Dave the husband of the family is going to be baptized on this saturday!!!!!!!!!!!  i was so stoked when i read that its so cool to see/hear about hings like that!  Thats the main reason i am lovin life so much right now and that the area is oing great and me and my comp are tight!  Anohter cool thing that happened this week was that on saturday we were going to do some service of texturing a wall and there were a ton of garage sells going on and i at one of these i found and ice cream maker for 1dollar and i also bought a ping pong table for 15 bucks and it is really nice and it doubles as a study desk and its a lot of fun to play on p-days.  Also the reason i am emailing on a tuesday is that we had a Zone conference this monday and a seventy came and spoke to us (Elder Snow).  it was a good conference kinda strange but good.  Anyways so my week was pretty fun i had a good time this week!  

DAD, I did recieve that bottle of stuff but i would like some more Emv please? Thanks!  I do get the college football updates here from one member who is really cool.  We talk every sunday about it and its really cool how texans love there football.  Thats great to hear about your business growing i hope it continues to grow.  So have you had a chnace to get any of that highlight film made?? you could put the video i put on here on there!  Ha well love you dad.  JILL/Jeremy,  you sound really good and like your havin a good time over there in DC  there are some people here who are from that area and they like it a lot too.  It sounds like y'alls trip up to New York was really fun and it sounds like you were really tired from it all.  Ha, your class sounds like it is really good too and that people really like it.  Anyways i really dont want/ need anything for christmas this year from y'all but what i want from mom and dad is a pair of strength training shoes so i can up  my vertical.  if you want to you could send me some Gift cards to places to eat.  Love you two!  MIKE man you sound like a busy person and like your very trusted and that you should be cause your awesome your gonna be AP in no time, haha i wont wish it on you.  your awesome mike keep goin! JEN I WILL WRITE YOU A LETTER.    BRETT hey man i am trying to send it to ya i will see what i can do but its not working right now i will try something else. Okay brett well i'll send via a member so dont worry it will be ther next week!

Love Y'all
Elder Walker


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