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Monday, November 22, 2010

Well hey there y'all!

        So this week went by really fast for me cause my week went as follows:

Monday: P-day till 5:30, Dinner, Teaching, plan, sleep.

Tuesday: Zone Huddle, Exchange with Elder Sudbury for the rest of the day and until 4pm then next day. (an Exchange is when you go to another missionaries area or they come to your area and you work with them for a day)

Wednesday Get home at 4pm and tract, Dinner, a member came out with each of us to teach. plan, sleep

Thursday: weekly planning until 12:30 then i went on another Exchange with Elder Lolesio till 2 pm the next day.

Friday: get home at 2 pm and go teach a lesson, then go eat dinner,  then go and teach back to back lessons to 2 different Baptismal dates,  Go out to Venus Texas and  teach an over age Child, get back plan, Sleep.

Saturday:  Have a BAPTISM at noon, then an interview for another date at 1:30, eat lunch, go tract, teach another lesson,  dinner with some members, Went and visited some LA's and had a grand ole time, Plan , Sleep

Sunday go to our first meeting block of church, then drive to Ft worth to hear Elder D. Todd Christopherson talk to the whole mission,  Get back eat dinner,  Go have FHE with a Baptismal date and her family.  

So as you can see a pretty busy week i had a good time this week we also had a guy who has been coming to church for 7 years come up and tell us he wants to get baptized this weekend.  its insane how the lord blesses you.  Elder Christopherson's talk was really good he told that we are here cause the lord put us here.  Also he took questions from us.  He is a really good speaker and he is and apostle so it was pretty cool.  The work here is moving forward and i love it here in Texas even tho i have been thrown around a little bit.  Well y'all are awesome keep being you!

Love y'all
Elder Walker


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